The Reason We Need Me Time

The Reason We Need Me Time – Me time or what is commonly referred to as time for yourself is one of the very good activities for mental and even physical health that you have to live with. Life can be exhausting and tiring at times. All polemics and problems must always be faced by anyone every day. If you continue like this, you can get bored in living this life.

So here, the me time function is important. By doing me time, your life will continue to be enthusiastic even though the burdens and problems come. For those of you who are tired, try occasionally to feel the benefits of me time. Here’s why you need to enjoy your life once in a while.

1. Be more productive

When you feel that you are unproductive and your mind is distracted by many things, forcing yourself to continue working is not the ideal answer. Stop right now and take a break! Find an activity you like to relax, read a book, go to the mall, or just sleep.

When you get rid of all distractions, you will find it easier to concentrate. So that later, you can return to completing your work faster without interruption.

2. Have time to contemplate

Think about it, if you’re busy, you don’t have time to think other than work-related. Now by setting aside time for yourself, you think a lot about many things. This can trigger creativity which will later make you more productive. Interesting yes!

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3. Strengthen a relationship

For those of you who have a partner, me time can actually strengthen your relationship, you know. Most importantly, never feel guilty just because you need time to enjoy yourself. Remember, caring about your own health is also an example of #GoodThatEasy, which will be good for you and your partner.

Keke also felt this. Although he admits it is difficult to find time, for him me time is a reward for his hard work taking care of his family and business. In particular, the ideal me time for him is reading interesting books and shopping online.

On the other hand, sharing time for yourself is a way of how we can develop ourselves which can later be useful for others. When Keke takes a break by reading a book, she not only makes herself happier and a better mother, but also teaches her children about the importance of taking care of their own health. Indeed, the actions of #GoodThatReal are yes, guys!

4. Enjoy life more

Guys, we live in a world that is meant to be enjoyed. So, it’s useless if we work hard but we can’t enjoy it. So, by setting aside time to do what you love, you’ll have a work-life balance and have something you’ve been waiting for–for example, to complete your hobby after work.