Lessons Learned from the Hardness of Life

Lessons Learned from the Hardness of Life – Like the word a life is a form of learning that we must take a lesson. Every life we live can certainly give us a meaning and a lesson in it. On the one hand, a tougher life than your peers makes you feel unlucky. However, with or without you realizing the harshness of life actually shapes you into a mentally stronger person.

This is what makes you stand out from other people. You are more mature, independent, and firm in holding on to principles. You have learned so many life lessons, including the following:

1. For every wish, you have to work hard

It’s the little things that are easily obtained by others, you have to be extra in trying. Especially if you want more things. There are times when you are tired of the way of life that requires you to keep racking your brain and exert all your abilities.

However, you have no other choice and eventually get used to it. Precisely if you get something for granted, for example a gift, you will feel less satisfied. It’s not that you don’t appreciate other people’s gifts, but you prefer to get things on your own.

2. Tired of crying, you learn to be happy with simple things

From the very beginning you have realized that you don’t have much to be happy with. Therefore, you only have two choices. Waiting to have more things such as wealth and more harmonious family relationships or learning to be happy just plain.

The first is not an impossible option. However, there are times when you are tired of hoping. Therefore, it is quite logical if you choose the latter.

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3. There is no one you can rely on but yourself

Actually, you are not anti to ask others for help. It’s just that you will only do it after there is no other way. You only take it when you really have to.

Why? Because the obstacles in your life are far more numerous and tougher than others. Therefore, you don’t want to bother them too much. They may not necessarily be able to help you. You don’t want to be disappointed often because you expect too much from other people.

4. You are appreciated if you are able to give, not beg

This is the biggest motivation for you to achieve success in the future. You have experienced for yourself how asking for help from others often leads to disaster for yourself. Some help by expecting a reply. There are those who help accompanied by endless ridicule.

There are also those who don’t even lend a hand, just cursing. Even so, of course there are those who sincerely do good and are sincere in helping. However, it is different if you can be the party that provides assistance. People will appreciate you more.