THE PEARL OF LIFE GIVES INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATIONIn the process of formation, pearls begin with small materials such as sand that enter the shell until they become beautiful pearls. Like the pearl process, life also requires a process before it can finally achieve a success. The process to get an achievement is different for each person. Failure in the process is also a common thing. Therefore, we do not need to compare the process we live with the process of others. We just need to focus on what we are dealing with right now.

However, not infrequently we also need support and encouragement to move forward. Aphorisms of life can be a solution for individuals who are falling. Even though it is only a word, this pearl of life has a very meaningful meaning for those who feel it. Aphorisms of life can also be given to others who are experiencing adversity. For those of you who are going through difficult times and need life quotes, here are some life quotes that can make you feel calm and relieved.

Aphorisms of Life as Encouraging

1. “Yesterday, however good or bad has passed. Today is the time to see the clear blue sky.”

2. “Complaining will only make our lives more depressed. While being grateful will always lead us to the path of ease.”

3. “If you feel your burden is heavier than others, it is because God sees you as stronger than others.”

4. “Forget those who hurt you yesterday, but don’t forget those who love you today.”

5. “Just believe, God holds all prayers. Then He released them one by one at the most opportune moment.”

6. “Everything must change, like it or not. Everyone must be apart, like it or not. Everything must end, ready or not.”

7. “When you are at a very fragile point, then ask for strength only from Him.”

8. “No matter what happens, it will always end. And if something good has to end, believe that something better will start again.”

9. “Life will be easier if you see it as a journey to be enjoyed, not a demand to be lived.”

10. “Don’t compare your life with others. Because you never know what journey they’ve been through.”