Tips for Overcoming Online Game Addiction

Tips for Overcoming Online Game Addiction – Actually, playing online games is not as bad as most people think. Game addiction can be experienced by anyone, be it children, teenagers, to adults. Actually playing games is fun and can relieve stress.
However, there are also bad effects that occur due to the frequent playing of online games, one of which is addiction and this is included in mental disorders.

Several studies have stated that online game addiction can actually increase a person’s sense of stress and depression, become more apathetic, and even lead to violence. Therefore, this type of addiction must receive treatment.

In some ways the impact of game addiction can be seen from several symptoms such as:

Have the desire to continue playing the game all the time. Feeling depressed, stressed, or angry when you can’t play games. It takes a lot of time to play the game to feel better. Spends most of his time just playing games without doing other activities such as eating, studying, or working. Having problems such as at home, school or work, because of his habit of playing games. Has a habit of lying to others because it encourages playing games all the time. Wasting money to buy internet quota or games. In addition to experiencing physical symptoms, such as easily tired, headaches or migraines. back pain, dizzy eyes, and of course damage to eye health.

How to overcome online game addiction

1. Create a strict gaming schedule
A very effective way to overcome online gaming addiction is to establish a strict gaming schedule. That way, you can divide your time between playing games and doing your duties. In addition, do not use this game play schedule as a display, you must be consistent in complying with it.
Not only that, try to get used to limiting the time in playing the game. That way, you can write it down in a note as a reminder. That way, you can review the time you spent playing the game.

2. Place the smartphone and console outside the room
Those who like to play games, tend to put their smartphones and consoles in the bedroom. This is usually done to make it easier for them to play games until late at night while lying in bed.
To overcome this addiction to online games, try to put your smartphone and console away from your room. This is expected to reduce the time you spend playing games.

3. Get busy
Keeping yourself busy with a variety of other activities, such as exercising, can be a very effective way of overcoming online gaming addiction. In addition to being able to distract yourself from the smartphone or television screen, exercising is also good for health.
Please note, sitting too long while playing games can cause harm to the body. Therefore, try to keep yourself busy with other activities to stay active.

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4. Socialize with friends and family
Playing games is really fun, especially if you do it with friends. But remember, socializing with relatives and family in real life is just as important.
Socializing and having fun with friends and family is a powerful way to overcome online gaming addiction. For a while, you can break free from your addiction to online games to interact with people in real life.

5. Explore real-world talent
To avoid getting addicted to online games, you have to start a new lifestyle to explore talent in the real world.
For example, you like to cook and mix food. Try to find out recipes from cyberspace, then try to cook them at home with your family, while honing your skills and exploring talents!
This is done to find a new habit or lifestyle that you enjoy so that you can then break free from the shackles of online gaming.

6. Ask family and friends for help
Never underestimate the help of family and friends to save you from online gaming addiction.
If indeed the habit of playing games has damaged your relationship with the people around you, then one effective way to overcome it is to ask for their help.
By asking for help from those closest to you, you may get new advice or views to break away from addiction to online games. That way, you can reconnect with family members, spouses, or close friends.

The danger of playing the game too often

In addition to damaging social relationships, playing games too often can have a negative impact on health. Here are the dangers of playing games that can be detrimental to health:

Muscle ache
In a report in the British Medical Journal, researchers found that playing videos for hours without a break can lead to discomfort and muscle soreness.

Vitamin D deficiency
One natural source of vitamin D is sunlight. When you spend too long at home playing games, you may develop a vitamin D deficiency.

Physical changes
Playing games for hours without a break tends to make someone stay up late. In addition, being too focused on playing games can also make someone forget to eat.
These things can cause adverse physical changes, such as obesity, pale skin, poor posture, to dark circles in the eyes aka panda eyes.

Lack of sleep
According to a study from The American Academy of Sleep, someone who is addicted to games will experience a lack of hours of sleep. Not only that, the quality of sleep can also decrease due to playing games for too long.