Many Kinds of communication breaker Relationships

Many Kinds of communication breaker Relationships – Everyone knows that communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. Healthy communication, of course, is desired by every lover.

Various kinds of efforts and struggles were made in order to get healthy and quality communication, but they didn’t know that there was anything in communication that could damage the relationship. Which, if done, will actually cause a lot of problems until the relationship ends up falling apart.

You can also see these types of communication below so that they don’t happen in the future. Here’s the list!

1. Not paying attention to the partner while talking

A good attitude when sitting and chatting with your partner is to stay away from gadgets, especially cellphones. If your partner is talking, then you should listen to him. You who are busy playing cellphones in front of him, even though he is talking about important things, it shows very bad communication.

He is not appreciated by you at all. It is not impossible if you continue to do this, it will make him tired of your attitude and eventually choose to leave you.

2. Shut up your partner when things happen that you don’t like in the relationship

There are problems or things that you don’t like that must be discussed carefully so that in the future the same thing does not happen again. It’s not that you are silent and waiting for your sensitive partner.

That kind of thing is really bad for the relationship between you two. Just silence will only make the problem drag on without any solution at all. If you have this, don’t expect you to have good communication with him.

3. Run away from the arguments that have occurred

Your logic can definitely digest if running or leaving when you and he are fighting is a terrible thing. How can the problem be solved if you just run away from all the existing problems.

If you really want a good relationship, then first improve communication with him. Solve this problem you are currently facing in a mature manner. Remember that running away from problems will not calm you down, in fact it will only make you feel more restless all the time.

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4. Bring up your partner’s past mistakes

If you have forgiven your partner, then sincerely forgive and close the matter meeting. Don’t even bring it up again in the future when you are angry with him.

If you bring it back up it will make your partner feel hurt. It’s useless all of her changes so far because they are not considered by you at all. Your relationship will become more complicated and your partner will blame you for everything that is happening at this time.

5. Absolutely do not want to accept criticism from a partner

You are very selfish when you don’t accept a single criticism that your partner gives you. In fact, he gave criticism so that you can change for the better. He cares about you.

If you refuse, even get angry with him, then this proves that you are the same besides being immature. The communication you show him is really bad.

Stop doing the five types of communication as above in relationships if you really want to have a good relationship. If you keep doing it, then in the future the relationship will be a lot of trouble and you will never last with him.

5 Things That Make Your Life Less Easy to Manipulate

5 Things That Make Your Life Less Easy to Manipulate – Every human being has to struggle with a problem that keeps coming and never stops. They need to learn all the situations that must be understood so that they do not fall under a threat.

Conditions that afflict a person must be resolved in a dominant manner so that they do not get caught up in the manipulation of others. They must be able to control themselves so as not to depend on very difficult situations. There are five things below that make your life not easy for others to manipulate.

1. Is more impressed to be ignorant in facing many problems

You will seem more indifferent in dealing with all problems. That is, it doesn’t mean you just ignore it. However, you do not carry such a heavy burden that it is difficult to go out to find a solution.

Humans must be faced with many priorities in life that are very difficult for many people to understand. They have to get caught in a manipulative situation where a lot of people want to step in and be someone to be reckoned with. You are only an object when it happens that way.

2. Feel immune to all bad situations that keep coming your way

People who want to act manipulative will usually find ways to suppress your heart’s content when the situation is bad. You will find it difficult to calm deeper thoughts with problems that keep looming over you all the time.

If they have entered your mind, then unconsciously your emotional control has lost and changed hands. You seem difficult to turn away from him and continue to rely on them as the main path in every problem. The feeling of immunity decreases and becomes a person who is very insecure with every situation.

3. Able to control emotions and not be complacent in other people’s mind games

The previous points will be in line with your ability to control your emotions more deeply. Emotion becomes a main identity for every human being in order to continue to survive in such a tough world situation.

Don’t let the emotions you have been born with have to be controlled by other people so that it becomes a game. It is easy for other people to manipulate your mind into continuing to hear their suggestions and actions. You can’t compare what is bad and what is good because you continue to depend on them.

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4. Be able to discern situations that are most important to you

When you can’t distinguish between good and bad, then the priority options in your life will be very disturbed. You cannot be a superior person in decision making.

Every opinion that is already in your mind cannot be channeled properly. You must be able to distinguish the most important situations in each material that you have to complete.

5. Implies a feeling without indulging in it directly

Implies a feeling or rather how you describe the feelings that you are facing right now without exposing it to the public. You won’t know what other people think of you now.

There are many things you have to do to become a solid person in every situation or condition. You don’t just become a passive person but you have to show it actively.

In reality, there are many other people who want to manipulate you all the time. They continue to take cover and do not want to be blamed unilaterally. Then, the only way for yourself to fight if that goes too far.

Things That Make You Confident in Your Presentation

Things That Make You Confident in Your Presentation – Presentation is an activity that requires high self-confidence. That’s because you need to have the ability to speak in public clearly and straightforwardly. But in reality, not everyone has these skills because of insecurity.

Actually practicing self-confidence during a presentation is tricky. You just need to train yourself to get rid of shame. There are several things you can do to make you more confident in your presentation. For an explanation, see this discussion.

1. Prepare the material as fresh as possible

Before doing the presentation, try as much as possible to prepare the material very carefully. This will certainly make it easier for you to choose each word that is spoken when speaking in public. By mastering the material, your words will not be convoluted because you already know where your conversation is going.

2. Do a rehearsal before the presentation

Before making a presentation, try to do the exercises first alone. Try doing a rehearsal so you can find out where your weaknesses are when making presentations. You will definitely find gaps that have to be covered.

In addition, you can also find drugs that are potent enough to get rid of nervousness. Therefore, from now on, try to be in front of the mirror first so that your confidence in the presentation can be honed.

3. Doing oral exercises so that later when the presentation is not busy

Oral exercise or stretching in the facial area is a must. It can make you more fluent in saying the words without stuttering. Your mouth will definitely be easy to speak quickly and straightforwardly so that the audience can understand what you are talking about.

Do this at least one hour before the presentation so you can smooth your speech. After doing that, try to do presentation practice while getting the word out of each word.

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4. Calm the mind with the principle of let it flow

The principle of let it flow is very important to be applied in presentations so that self-confidence can be honed. By applying these principles, you will definitely get rid of the burden that was in your mind before making a presentation. This burden usually arises due to a sense of inferiority so that later during the presentation it becomes stuttering. Do this so that you are calmer in explaining each material.

5. Think of yourself as the most understanding person on the forum

When doing presentations, what will become your scourge is the large audience. This of course will make you think twice about remaining confident or not. Even though when that happens, only you can control the stage.

You only need to think of yourself as the person who best understands the material on the forum. Get rid of thoughts about people who are already superior there because this will only make you feel more insecure.

Confidence in presentation must be honed. Especially in terms of career, presentation skills are needed so that you can be seen as a high-quality person.