5 Reasons It’s Better To Depend On Yourself Than Others

5 Reasons It's Better To Depend On Yourself Than Others

5 Reasons It’s Better To Depend On Yourself Than Others – We are social beings who cannot do everything alone. But we also should not always expect any help from others. Don’t give up quickly to conquer difficult things. Try to solve the problems you face without involving other people. Well, if the problem you are facing is too heavy to deal with alone, you can ask other people for help. Below are three real reasons why you shouldn’t always depend on other people.

1. You are free to do whatever you want without having to ask other people’s approval

You know yourself best. You must also know your strengths, interests, and passions. If you rely on yourself and don’t depend on others, then you are free to do whatever you want. For example, you can develop yourself, improve your quality, expand your network, and improve your abilities.You don’t have to ask or ask permission to do what you want to other people or your partner. On the other hand, if you depend on other people, you will inevitably follow them. Including when he gives advice, even though you don’t like his advice, you will not dare to refuse it.Because, you are afraid of losing it due to your dependence. You think he will get angry or leave you when you disobey him. If it’s like that, then it’s hard for you to be free to do what you want.

2. You become more responsible in everything that has been decided in life

When you depend on other people, including your partner, then you will get used to relying on him and asking him for nothing. Then, what if your partner is or your relationship has ended ? When that happens, you who depend on it will find it difficult to do anything on your own. Because you’ve always relied on it. Don’t let him control your life.Therefore, rely on yourself so that you become more responsible for yourself. Including all the decisions you make in your life.That way you will learn from the life experiences you live, which steps should be taken and which should be avoided. It will also help you to be more mature, both in thinking and acting.

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3. Myself will not betray you, unlike other people who can leave you

There is no guarantee that the other person or partner you depend on will forever be with you. It’s not that he doubts his feelings for you, it’s just that it’s much better if you anticipate it from the start.Don’t let your dependence and love become impossible without it. If it’s like that, then it will be more difficult for you if you have to be alone without his help.
The name of that feeling can change and it is possible that he could be one of them. He could have betrayed you.
However, it would be a different story if it was you. Of course you wouldn’t do that to yourself. So, don’t hang your expectations too high on other people so that you become dependent on them.
It’s better for you to rely on yourself. Because you will not betray and leave you, even when you are down.

4. Depending on others will get used to being lazy and not independent

Menggantungkan hidupmu pada orang lain akan membuat dirimu menjadi pemalas. Padahal sebenarnya kamu bisa melakukannya sendiri. Namun, karena sudah terbiasa apa-apa meminta tolong pada orang lain atau pasangan, maka kamu jadi tidak ada keinginan untuk lebih mandiri dalam melakukannya.
Misalnya saat mau pergi, kamu minta diantar jemput. Setiap ada pekerjaan, kamu meminta bantuannya untuk mengerjakan. Bahkan saat memiliki masalah, kamu meminta solusi darinya.Jika sudah seperti itu, maka kamu terbiasa untuk tidak mau berpikir dan mengeluarkan tenaga, padahal semua itu untuk dirimu sendiri. Jadi, jika kamu tidak mau menjadi orang pemalas dan tidak mandiri, jangan gantungkan dirimu pada orang lain.

5. Believing in yourself won’t cost you anything

Percayalah pada diri sendiri ,bahwa kamu bisa lebih baik dibandingkan harus bergantung pada orang lain. Kamu tidak akan mengalami kerugian saat kamu melakukannya.Mengapa demikian? Sebab, tanpa adanya sosok orang yang membuatmu bergantung, maka kamu tidak akan merasakan sesuatu yang kosong di dalam dirimu saat dirinya tak ada.
Sebaliknya, saat kamu mengandalkan orang lain dan bergantung segalanya pada dirinya, saat dia tidak ada maka bisa memberikan dampak yang signifikan pada dirimu. Dampaknya lebih ke perasaanmu, seperti rasa kehilangan.Jika terus berlarut-larut maka akan menganggu kesehatan mentalmu. Kamu juga akan selalu berharap dia akan kembali padamu. Ini supaya kamu tidak lagi merasa ada yang kosong dan hilang pada dirimu.Jangan pernah merasa sendiri, kesepian atau tidak percaya diri saat tidak ada orang lain atau pasangan yang menemani dan membantumu. Kamu bisa mengandalkan dirimu sendiri, karena lebih banyak hal positif yang akan diterima.